Go Beyond the Instructions

with Sanjay and Arvind

About us

Who are we?

"Beyond the Instructions" represents our personal philosophy to innovate by "going beyond". We always try to learn something new and then take the project to the next level. We combine different ideas together. We collaborate and share to do even more.

  • We are two brothers from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. We are the founders of EV3Lessons.com, a very popular website for learning to program the LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3. We have over 200,000 users in 175 countries.
  • Our mission is to teach students programming and robotics and then to inspire them to go beyond. We want to show them the path to innovation. We have coached and mentored 100s of teams. We won the Coach/Mentor Award at World Festival St.Louis in 2017.
  • We are also an award-winning robotics team, Not the Droids You Are Looking For . We have won a Champion's Award and a Robot Performance award every year of participating in FIRST LEGO League. Champion's is given to the overall tournament winners. The Robot Performance award is given to teams with a high scoring robot.

Meet us


Sanjay Seshan

Age 14


Arvind Seshan

Age 12

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We love to collaborate with others. We believe strongly that by sharing and collaborating, we can make good ideas even better. We also believe that sharing knowledge is the first step to this collaboration. If you want us to demo our robots, teach a workshop, or just say "Hi"...